uniforme pentru fetiţe-băieţi şi băieţi-fetiţe

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O facultate a Universităţii din Bangkok, Tailanda, a publicat designul uniformelor studenţilor. Pentru egalitate de şanse, au conceput şi uniforme pentru fetiţele-băieţi (ladyboy) şi pentru băieţei-fetiţe (tomboy). Sau invers …


The dress of a female student’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Open attitudes about sex, but I was a mess dress smile emoticon.

Dress up
– No close-fitting short-sleeved white shirt
– Enter button. University and needles completely
– completely buttoned collar at all times
– took the shirt into a skirt. With belt
– Become pleats skirt length to the ankles or the knees down to me
– he’s not, it’s too long
– Become heeled shoes will only be canvas or fashion. Do slippers

Author men
– white shirt Short sleeves or long sleeves was
– put the tie completely
– pants. Let the dark Jeans, but not the lack of it
– took the shirt into the pants already. University belt
– Become heeled shoes will only be canvas or leather. Do slippers
– gender choice. Prepare prop to practice. The dress was a mess, and our staff are not allowed to wear polo shirts University’s Faculty of Fine Arts is not uniform.

Oameni deschişi la suflet şi la minte.

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