ucraina si moldova au semnat cu ue

Vineri, 27 Iunie 2014 | 0 Comentarii

Ucraina a semnat tratatul de liber schimb cu Uniunea Europeană. Moldova şi Georgia au procedat la fel.


The European Union signed an historic free-trade pact with Ukraine on Friday and warned it could impose more sanctions on Moscow unless pro-Russian rebels act to wind down the crisis in the east of the country by Monday.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko came to Brussels to sign a far-reaching trade and political cooperation agreement with the EU that has been at the heart of months of deadly violence and upheaval in his country, drawing an immediate threat of “grave consequences” from Russia.

Georgia and Moldova signed similar deals, holding out the prospect of deep economic integration and unfettered access to the EU’s 500 million citizens, but alarming Moscow which is concerned about losing influence over former Soviet republics. – Sursa

Lucrul ăsta l-a supărat grav pe Putin, care a declarat că vor avea de suportat consecinţele acestei decizii.

Russia has warned there could be ‘serious consequences’ for Ukraine after its President Petro Poroshenko signed up to a trade and economic pact with the European Union, in a deal that has been central to the crisis in the country.

The signing of the partnership agreements, hailed by Mr Poroshenko as the “most important day” for Ukraine since it gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, comes as a shaky cease-fire between government troops and pro-Russian rebels is due to expire. – Sursa

Traian Băsescu are acum o conferinţă de presă, în direct, la Bruxelles. Cică “fratele arestatului” …


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