glutenul şi cum acţionează el

Marţi, 21 Aprilie 2015 | 0 Comentarii

One critical characteristic of gluten is that it can trap air and puff up like a balloon, which is why bread rises. But just how much gluten acts like a balloon may surprise you.

To get a better look at how gluten affects baking, Souza makes two visually similar balls of dough: one incorporating high-protein bread flour, which produces a lot of gluten, and one using low-protein cake flour. He then washes away the starch content from the two balls of dough, leaving what are essentially balls of pure gluten. Here’s where things get stunning.

The highly glutenous dough made with bread flour is incredibly elastic and malleable. The low-gluten dough is small and weak and barely stretches at all before breaking.


Adică aluatul cu conţinut mare de gluten este extrem de elastic şi maleabil, rezultatul după coacere fiind pufos şi frumos ca aspect. Unele persoane sunt alergice la gluten, în contradicţie cu procesatorii care vor ca ceea ce scot la vânzare să arate bine.


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