drone deasupra centralelor nucleare

Luni, 3 Noiembrie 2014 | 0 Comentarii

Franţa a anunţat că nişte aparate de zbor neidentificate – catalogate drept “drone”, au survolat şapte centrale nucleare în perioada 5-20 octombrie 2014.

It comes after the government revealed on Thursday that seven nuclear plants across the country were flown over by drones between October 5-20.

Now, the state owned utility EDF says five other facilities have been flown over without any impact on safety or their functioning.

The drone sightings could trigger fresh concerns about the safety of nuclear plants in France, the world’s most nuclear-reliant country with 58 reactors. – sursa


Americanii au o soluţie pentru asta, şi cred că şi alte ţări, printre care Israelul, au astfel de tehnologii.

Există şi alte soluţii tehnice împotriva dronelor, unele dintre ele ceva mai vechi ca şi idee, dar noi din punct de vedere al aplicabilităţii practice:

The impending Pearl Harbor-like surprise attack will likely commence with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on U.S. satellites and defense systems in the Pacific theater, ultimately rendering U.S.-based radar and electronic warning systems useless. Shortly thereafter, autonomous drones armed with nuclear weapons will likely be launched from Chinese ships and nuclear subs in the Pacific Ocean. Although targets are always subject to change, twin nuclear drone strikes against the West Coast cities of San Diego and San Francisco, California are the most likely attack scenario. – sursa

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