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Miercuri, 18 Februarie 2015 | 0 Comentarii

Ashton Carter a depus jurământul în calitate de secretar de stat al apărării Statelor Unite. În timpul ceremoniei, Joe Biden – vicepreşedintele SUA, a invitat-o pe soţia secretarului de stat în faţa auditoriului şi a rezultat ce vedeţi pe film:

Cică e soţia perfectă, cu toate că privirea ei spunea multe. Cam apropiat domnul vicepreşedinte de soţia ministrului …

New Secretary of Defense Can’t Even Defend His Wife From Joe Biden. Vice President Joe Biden strikes again on new secretary of defense’s wife, clearly takes a hands on approach when it comes to his day job. VP Biden makes Mrs. Carter chuckle. Tuesday, at Defense Sec. Ash Carter‘s swearing-in ceremony, Biden got all touchy feely with Carter’s wife, Stephanie. From the pictures, it looks like he’s whispering sweet nothings into her right ear. He’s also getting a good whiff of her shampoo. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt: Perhaps he was trying to be comforting after her spill on the ice at the Pentagon this morning while she was accompanying her husband on his first day on the job.

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