apple patenteaza gesture unlocking

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Gesture unlocking este o facilitate prin care utilizatorul unui telefon mobil nu este nevoit să reţină o parolă, ci doar un gest. Şi asta totul pentru a proteja datele din telefon. Sistemul Android pune la dispoziţie aşa ceva. Şi Apple au preluat aceast tip de deblocare a ecranului telefonului.


La ani distanţă de prima utilizare a metodei, Apple patenteză metoda, adăugând în plus puncte invizible pe imaginea respectivă, şi alte mici detalii care le conferă prioritate la înregistrare.

The system is more sophisticated than existing implementations, however, and includes a number of provisions to make the encryption even harder to frustrate the current methods employed by Android devices.

Apple’s patent describes gesture lock screen user interface elements that can be changed by a user, in terms of both size and position. Changing size makes them easier or harder to hit, and rearranging their position could also frustrate potential hacking attempts by making patterns more unpredictable. The system can also selectively use invisible dots too, which aren’t present on the UI but which work in tandem with visible hit points to track a path. Other variables that could add to gesture complexity include counting things like the speed of entry, pauses and other timing elements into the code. Entering the same gesture different ways would therefore produce different results, with only one right way to trigger an unlock.

There’s still more, too – the system supports the use of multi-finger input, and has a code strength support meter not unlike those used for text and number based passcodes today. It would rank patterns as high or low based on how long they were, how complex, how random and other factors.


Rămâne să ne întrebăm când anume va începe procesul dintre Google şi Apple referitor la acest patent.

Mai multe detalii despre patentul US20140109010 găsiţi aici sau pe site-ul USPTO.

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